The Kai Ken Aigokai

The Kai Ken Aigokai (Kai Dog Protection Society - KKA) is the oldest and by far the largest Kai registry with around 800-900 pups registered every year. Their office is still located in Yamanashi, and the club holds two tenrankai (exhibitions) every year in the Spring and Fall.


The tenrankai is held in Yamanashi on the first Sunday of April, and the last Sunday of October every year.

A photo taken on the day the first group of Kai were sent overseas to a zoo in Utah

The KKA is dedicated to the preservation of the Kai breed as it was when originally discovered. Their standard differs from the NIPPO and JKC standards, and is not as narrow. The major noticeable differences are in the wider size range allowed, and in type. Ear shape/size/angle, angle of the eyes, allowance of larger amounts of tongue spots are also noticeable in KKA Kai.

A photo of a Inoue-san, a good friend of mine, showing one of his Kai

The tenrankai is a great place to get a feel for the breed, and to see many terrific examples of this rare breed. I make it a point to attend the Spring and Fall shows every year, and am happy to have others attend the show with me.