So, looks like I'll be moving, AGAIN. Everyone that's been following from my Tora Inu Blog probably is wondering what's going on since I just moved into this house last September, and built a kennel and everything.

Well this house is not exactly what I wanted, for myself and the dogs, and due to changes in my personal life I have the option to move. I'm pretty sure I'll be taking it as honestly I think the house is cursed (over statement I know). But seriously, I've had nothing but trouble since moving here, and the place is filled with unpleasant memories. Time for a change and a clean slate.

So, I'm busy with work now, plus juggling a move. This should be interesting. I guess this all will keep me busy till Fall when hunting season rolls around again.


  1. The actually packing and moving is a PITA but I love the feeling of starting anew. Good luck with everything.

    - Rina

  2. Good luck bro, wish I was there to help you out man.

  3. Yeah, I'm already excited about the move.

    Gen, I expect a visit sometime this year!

  4. AGAIN??? Really, I don't blame you, that one neighbor of yours is brutal. Are you moving to the country or toward Tokyo? Good luck!


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