One Man, One Dog

There's a famous phrase about hunting with Nihon Ken in the old days.

一銃一狗(いちじゅういっく)ichijuu, ikku which means one gun, one dog.

It's the goal, albeit a lofty one, for hunting with the Japanese Dog. One man, his gun, and his dog. To be able to pull it off requires immense skill on the part of both hunter and dog, especially dog.

The dog may find and hold prey by baying (barking), or catching (biting and holding). This is referred to as hoedome (baying) and kamidome (catching).

Personally I prefer a less gritty dog over a dog that goes in to catch a boar right away. I feel you get less injuries this way, though that is not always the case. It all really boils down to the dog's skill and inherited hunting style.


  1. I always wonder what happened to the NK, they used to have so much more grit and hunting ability back then or atleased thats what I read in all the old NK books.

    I think its up to us to get them back to the way things used to be.


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