Visiting Friends

The other day I visited Tenro Kensha with my friend Ogawa-san of Gotenyama Kensha. We took one of Ogawa-san's females for a breeding, and also got to take a look at the latest Tenro litter. This litter is a Gin/Sakura litter with 4 boys and 1 girl. As is the norm with Tenro litters, most of the pups were reserved from a while back, but there are still 1 or 2 of the boys available.

The litter looked terrific, great bone/coats/brindle as I always see in Okabe-san's line. They do a great job of caring for the pups as well, and they get a lot of time with the Okabe's kids, in and out of the house.

It's always a pleasure to visit Tenro Kensha, and as usual they were terrific hosts. They're great people, and run a great kennel. My Nikon is out of commission (as usual I broke it in an incident involving boar) so all we got were some snaps on my phone, and a few I pulled from Okabe-san's blog

I'll just add here that I'm sending a pup over to Oregon this week, and I have a family member going over later this month. If anyone's interested in importing a Kai pup, there are a few available, and the shipping will be loads cheaper than usual.

Here's Ogawa-san's female. She's a littermate of Kumi who is owned by Yamabushi Kensha in New Mexico.


Here's the pups playing with a glove covered in boar scent. They went right at it.


Here's the female of the litter.


Here's a picture of a female from a different line of Kai. I love the way her ears form a 'T' in this pic. She's available at the moment.


Here's one of Ogawa-san and I.



  1. That sounds like a really nice pairing of Gin and Sakura. Are there any other Gin projeny in the US?

  2. Oh, cool, I didn't realize Ogawa-san got one of Kumi's litter mates! That's great! Who is she being mated to (Gin would be interesting)?

    Is Kim getting a Gin pup too?

  3. There are no Gin progeny outside Japan at the moment.

    We were trying to breed her to Kuma or Gin, but I left before a successful tie. As a matter of fact I just mailed Ogawa-san to see how it went.

    The male pup I'm sending Kim is from a Boss/Mao daughter breeding.

  4. Oh, cool, I hope she mated with Gin, I'd like to see what they produce!

  5. I too hope she mated with Gin ;) lol


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