Went to the NIPPO Tokyo regional today, and took no pictures. Sorry. It's just not the same running around trying to take them with a mobile phone.

 I had a pretty good time though. The weather was great, it was good to see friends, and of course to take a look at all the up and coming dogs. The NIPPO national is just around the corner.

 There are tons of nice show line Shiba pups available at the moment, so I told everyone I'd mention it on my blog. There's even a sesame pup around.

There are several Shikoku litters on the way, and hopefully some of them will match up with what everyone's been asking me to look for. Fingers crossed.


  1. It was great meeting you today, Shigeru. Many thanks for the wonderful advice. Looking forward to hearing from either you or Ishihara-san about upcoming Shikoku litters.



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