Gotenyama Kennel Visit

The other day I took a couple pics and some short videos while I was picking up a pup from Gotenyama Kennel in Hachioji, Tokyo.

The kennel is run by a good friend of mine. It's interesting that he doesn't kennel his dogs. Most NK kennels have their dogs kenneled up outside, usually singly, sometimes in pairs. He used to have his dogs chained on long leads in a courtyard area, and I think was rather pessimistic that NK (especially males) could be left together. I think a little bit of Brad Anderson rubbed off on him, and now the puppies have free range of the place, and most of the adults are allowed to interact.

Of course due to the Kai Ken's amazing escape abilities, the adults are on long leads when unattended, and some of the males do have to be kept apart permanently. All in all though, it is a much more fluid environment than I am used to seeing in kennels here in Japan.

Gotenyama Kennel is a KKA registered Kai Ken kennel, but they have some Shiba as well. It's interesting to see the differences in the two breeds when they are kept side by side. Them Shiba's are snarky little things.

Here's a short video of the pups and a couple adults mobbing me while I was there. The female 'Hana' is the dam of the female that I just sent to Yamabushi Kennel on the 28th. Hana is interesting in that I'd only seen her on chain in the past, and she always put on a good show of barking at me, I'd imagined her to be a bit unfriendly. However with her being off leash a lot when I see her now, I've realized she's a terrific dog. She is extremely well trained and obedient, can be walked almost anywhere off leash, and loves people.