Tokyo FCI International Dog Show

So today I had a bit of work to do at the Tokyo FCI International Dog Show. Loved it seeing as I was able to hang out and get a look at all the dogs. It sure is a different atmosphere from the exhibition/dog shows that I'm used to. I think most of the NK I know of would break down or freak out if taken to a place like that. Of course I'm sure if you got them used to it from when they were pups they'd deal.

Nothing too much happened, though I did have some good conversations with the JAHD which is basically the Japanese OFA/PennHip, and with GTG LABS, a company that does DNA testing for coat color, breed, and inherited diseases. Was nice to make some connections there that will probably be useful in the future.

It was amusing to see all the dogs up on their tables getting preened to perfection, standing at perfect attention. They end up looking like little machines. Saw some interesting breeds that are pretty rare in Japan, snapped one pic of a CAO, there's only 12 of them in the country. I'm pretty sure I would have been a show stealer if I had one of Yamabushi Kennel's Ovcharka with me.

I saw two Japanese Akita at the show, and one American Akita. Other than that, I didn't see any Nihon Ken entries which was rather disappointing.

I saw this guy just as I was getting ready to leave. He was a really stunning dog, with an amazing color that reminded me of the Minowa Shiba. He was larger than a Shiba though, so I asked his owner what breed he was. I'd play the breed guessing game here, but I'm pretty sure no one would get it so here goes. He's half Ainu Ken (Hokkaido) and Higo Rou Ken (Higo Wolf Dog), and he's a bonafide working dog (boar hunter). The Higo Wolf Dog is from Kumamoto prefecture, and is said to be an actual hybrid Japanese wolf/canine breed. They pretty much went extinct, but there's still a few dogs of possibly uncertain origin that are still around. They are still pretty famous hunting dogs.


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