Wow, it's already February. That was fast.

There's 2 weeks left in the hunting season, so hopefully I'll get out with the dogs this coming week. I had a hilariously frustrating time the last couple times I went out with one day involving 7 missed shots, a personal record. Several of those shots were in the 10m range, and I started wondering whether I was shooting blanks.

Work's busy, I'm getting pulled in by a lot of companies and individuals to help out on various projects. As usual maintaining the balance between too little and too much work is a tightrope act.

I've been working on translating the NIPPO standard for the Japanese Dog, and I've got an idea to not only translate it and put diagrams out there, but video as well. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth?

I've had inquiries about the Nihon Ken from all over the globe this past month, the US, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, Taiwan, and the Netherlands to name a few.

This will be another year full of surprises. Bring it on.