Available Shikoku

I received a call the other day from a recently retired NIPPO judge. One of the kennels in the Chiba Branch is having to close up shop for a while do to some personal reasons, and so will need to re-home their entire Shikoku and Kishu breeding stock. There are also two 6 month old aka-goma pups that were going to be kept as part of their breeding program. I will try to go down as soon as possible to take a look at the dogs, and get some pictures.

I also received information that a 6 year old aka-goma male is in need of a new home. I have it from a reliable source that he's got great conformation, and could go to a pet or breeding home. I've got a picture of him that I'll put up here. He's been kept as a companion by an older couple, and is a very laid back dog apparently, but due to a change in their living situation they are looking for a new home for him.

I've got some more pictures to throw up here today. Here's 2 male Shikoku, currently 4 months old.

Here's their dam and sire.

And here's a couple of boys that are 1 month old now, pictures were taken at 23 days. There's 2 females in the litter as well.

Here's their sire.

There's also two more litters that I don't have pictures of yet, and a 3 month old male, plus one more 3 month old female pup.


  1. wow... those two 4 month old males are very interesting!

  2. PS: When it rains, it pours! Where were all these pups a few months ago? lol

  3. Yeah, those 4 month old males are very nice. And yeah, kennels know they can contact me if they need help looking for homes, but since most NIPPO members are older, and a lot of them aren't very tech savvy, it takes a lot of time for information to trickle in. It's all about timing lol.

  4. Wow that is a lot of Shikoku. Love the Aka-goma male. Looks like a real stud!

    Those 4 month old males are huge too lol.

  5. I am amazed! Through the emails you've received I hope you'll see mine.
    Referred by Brad.
    Dogworthy soul:-)

  6. Those males are interesting. I'll need input as to whether male or female.

  7. Those are nice looking dogs. I hope some of them make their way over to the states.

  8. Yeah I was really "wowed" by those 4 month old males. They are very nice looking!

  9. Ok, those boy pups are amazing! Love the head / colour on them. ~

  10. I love the second 4month old pup! :)

    Sadly not ready for a pup yet maybe one day..


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