Japanese Dog Names

I just threw together another blog to help people trying to name their Nihon Ken.

At the moment I have a list of rather generic male/female names in alphabetical order. Hopefully in the future I will have time to add some more interesting lists based on different themes such as historical figures, geographical locations, etc.

Take a look! http://japanesedognames.blogspot.jp/


  1. Fantastic idea. Love the cute pictures and typeface.

  2. Nice! That's really helpful, thanks!
    Are you planning to add the meaning of each name to the blog?

  3. @Nico maybe if I end up with a bit more time than I have now.

  4. Can you give us some names please!

  5. great work!! thank you, I never think before a Japanese name for a dog

    1. You're welcome. I think I need to update the list.

  6. Hi there, I put together Japanese dog names list which include also names from popular manga and anime. I hope you will be interested to share it. Here is the list - https://adoginthefog.com/unique-japanese-dog-names-list/. Thank you very much! :)

  7. I've been to your site before. At that time, I could not see the comments I made on your system.


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