Fixing the Standards for the Japanese Breeds

So, fixing the standards for the Nihon Ken is now turning into a much larger project. I mentioned the lack of 'urajiro' in the standard, the briefness of the standards for the breeds, coat color issues etc etc to the JKC. They agreed that some of these are issues that they have been aware of for some time. It looks like now that they see that even the sizes are wrong, these issues need to be addressed properly.

If the JKC contacts the FCI and asks them to correct the standard, it is not just a 'correction' but for all purposes becomes a 'change' in the standard for all the clubs worldwide that base off of the FCI standard. This is a pretty big deal.

So it looks like the JKC is going to put together proper standards for the Japanese before the end of the fiscal year. They will flesh out the standards, and fix the mistakes in the current FCI standards. After this the standards will be sent to the JKC's committee on standards for review. Once they have been approved, they will be sent to the FCI where they will be adopted as the new standards for the breeds.

The ship is in motion, change is coming.