Japanese Dog Breed Standards

We have a problem at the moment with the standards as set down by the FCI for the Japanese breeds. According to the PDF's on their website, they've got the sizes wrong for 4 of the 6 Nihon Ken. http://www.fci.be/nomenclature.aspx

If nothing else, the FCI's standards should reflect the standards for these breeds as set forth by the FCI recognized club in their country of origin. Here are the JKC standards http://www.jkc.or.jp/modules/worlddogs/category.php?categoryID=5

FCI standard sizes

Kai: Males 53cm Females 48cm (this makes the Kai the biggest of the NK. NUTS!)
Kishu: Males 52cm Females 46cm
Shikoku: Males 52cm Females 46cm
Shiba: Males 40cm Females 37cm

JKC standard sizes

Kai: Males 50cm Females 45cm
Kishu: Males 52cm Females 49cm
Shikoku: Males 52cm Females 49cm
Shiba: Males 39.5cm Females 36.5cm

I mentioned this in a Facebook post, and a friend over in Europe contacted the FCI about the issue. They directed him to contact the JKC about it, so I just had a conversation with the JKC today. They're looking into it. Obviously if the information in the PDF's on the FCI website is the up to date standards for the breeds, they need to be corrected. The JKC was rather surprised to hear about the size discrepancies.


  1. Thanks for the info Bro. Hopefully this issue gets resolved. By the way, love your blog page. It's very informational.


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