JKC Registrations 2011

JKC registration numbers for the Japanese Dog breeds in 2011:

Shiba came in 6th on the list with 12,095 registrations
Akita 42nd with 282
Kai 56th with 144
Hokkaido 112th with 6
Shikoku 118th with 3

No Kishu registrations last year. I think the Shikoku registrations were pretty much all me as usual.


  1. With the Hokkaido, Shikoku, and Kishu, do you think the numbers reflect the number of exports out of Japan to FCI countries?

    With the Shiba, Akita, and Kai, do you think it's a reflection of a split population within Japan rather than export numbers?

  2. @ayk yes, the really low numbers just show that there's no population within the JKC per se, and that the dogs that are registered were brought in from other registries to get their JKC export pedigrees so they could be registered in other FCI member clubs.

    Shiba, Akita, and Kai, are split populations. They are actually shown here in the JKC (and sold as pets of course).


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