Kai Puppies At Gotenyama

So last week I visited my friend Ogawa-san to take a look at two recent litters of Kai pups. He told me there was a lot of brindle in both litters, and he wasn't joking.

These two pups are only a few days old, but they already had a lot of brindle, of a very deep red.

This is Hide, the sire of the next litter.

This entire litter is full of brindle pups. The darkest will probably still end up a chu-tora. The lightest pup is a female, she's the little one in the back.

I was treated to a terrific lunch.

This is Koyuki, a kuro-goma Shikoku female. She's still under a year old, but is a really friendly, relaxed dog. Terrific temperament.

Another pic of the little pups. I'll have to go see them again soon once they're more mobile.