Available Shikoku Female

This female was born out of Izumo Yano Sou's Gakushou, and Jiraku Sou's Chouunhime. She was born on 2012/09/18. According to Yano-san she's got a very nice personality as well, and at the moment no visible flaws. I've got quite a few people on my waiting list at the moment, so I'm pretty sure she'll be homed quickly, but feel free to contact me at kato.the.walrus@gmail.com if you are interested.

Sire: Gakushou http://www.shikoku-pedigree.com/details.php?id=63162
Dam: Chouunhime http://www.shikoku-pedigree.com/details.php?id=63367


  1. Very nice girl. The father of this pup can be found in the Shikoku Database here: http://www.shikoku-pedigree.com/details.php?id=63162


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