Registration Numbers: 2012

Made my yearly call to NIPPO HQ about registration numbers for the past year, here's the data.

Akita: 29
Kishu: 705
Shikoku: 297
Hokkaido: 0
Kai: 63
Shiba: 31721

Akita, Hokkaido, and Kai have their own single breed registries so I'm not too concerned about those numbers. 

Shikoku numbers are up!

2009: 357
2010: 370
2011: 233
2012: 297

Okay, so the number is still low... it would be nice to push them back up to at least the Kishu registrations.

To put this all in perspective, here's the Japan Kennel Club registration numbers for 2011 (numbers for 2012 still being tallied).

1. Poodles: 92622
2. Chihuahua: 71163
3. Dachshund: 45430

6. Shiba: 12095
42. Akita: 282
56. Kai: 144
112. Hokkaido: 6
118. Shikoku: 3


  1. It still is amazing to see how few Japanese Nihonken are registered compared with the Western breeds. Kind of sad since the NHK are part of the Japanese culture and can make nice pets.

    Hopefully the Shikoku numbers, as well as the other breeds of NHK can have increasing numbers in the future. And maybe a decline in the Western breeds.

  2. Do you have any idea how many Akitas were registered by other registers last year? Last number what I have heard was from year 2004 and it was little bit over two thousand.

    1. I asked one of the kennels this question the other day, and that was the answer I got as well. Last time I asked AKIHO, they said they couldn't give me that information.


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