I had the pleasure of taking a Shikoku puppy to her new home near Milan. Many of the puppies that are produced in the kennels here in Japan have a bit of catch up to do when it comes to socialization, and You-chan was no exception. Due to EU import regulations she was here at my house for a month and a half, during which she progressed by leaps and bounds. I'm quite happy with how she's turned out, and glad that her new family in Italy is happy with her. I've seen many kennels all over the world, and Kazemachi no Ken has one of, if not the, best set up I've seen so far.

I was less than thrilled to go from wearing t-shirts in spring weather in Japan, to seeing snow pelting the tarmac at Milan Malpensa airport. You-chan and I made the trip unscathed, and we even had airport security great us with a sign. 

My hosts were amazing, and I was floored by the good Italian home cooking. I've decided that in my next life I will be born an Italian.

We got in some serious sightseeing, northern Italy is gorgeous. I fell in love with the beautiful lakes and little towns, and Milan was pretty awesome as well.

You-chan even got to twirl on the lucky bull.

In front of the Duomo.

It was a terrific trip, one that I will never forget. 

Kazemachi no Ken produced the first litter in Italy, last year, and I have high hopes for the future of the breed in Italy. Ganbatte, You-chan!


  1. Sounds like a nice trip. Milan looks beautiful and I hope the shikoku grew up very healthy. :)


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