Katana Go: Part 2

He's growing up nicely, learning a lot, he's less of a terror. Loves people and playing with other dogs. He's a very confident little guy.
You can see he's hitting that awkward puppy stage.

IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN THIS LITTLE GUY, LET ME KNOW. He's toilet trained, and in temperament he's a velcro dog. Loves to be close to his people.


  1. Wish I could!!! Really do!! It seems like his personality would benefit Hana..
    Unfortunately again.. don't think we will be ready for a pup until the end of this year :( I hope he finds a good home though!! He's really cute. :)

  2. Why have I already 2 dogs ^^' and buy our appartment ...
    Hope you'll find a great home for this little guy


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