13 Days Old

The pups are healthy and growing by the day. They're also a lot more mobile, getting out of their crate and wandering around the dining room. Mom's taking it all in stride.

Summer is in full swing now, with daytime highs of 39 degrees celcius in some parts of Japan. Luckily for us the highs I've recorded so far at the kennel have been 33-34. A friend of mine lost an entire litter of Shiba pups, which was a real pity because they were very nice. Temperatures spiked during the day while he was at work. My method of cooling is to freeze water in pet bottles, pups love them.

Female 2 with the still spotted nose. She's a squirmy little girl, and feisty. 

Female 1. She's larger than female 2 for sure. Both females have been getting noticeably darker around their chest areas.

The boy. He's relaxes when held, and often falls asleep in my lap. I can't wait for their eyes to open, should be any day now.

It looks like I've got a home lined up for the male, but the two girls are still available.


  1. So cute!!

    The frozen water bottles are pretty popular with meat rabbits (who are very sensitive to heat). Some ideas you might want to try, a few people will also use ceramic floor tiles, leave the tile in the freezer and place it on the floor of the hutch/cage to give them a cool spot to lay on. Others will hang wet sheets along the walls, the evaporation is supposed to cool down the area.

    1. Thanks! I like the ceramic tile idea. I'll have to give that a go. I've got space in my deep freeze now, maybe I'll throw some bricks in there!


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