17 Days Old

I took this video at 13 days old, but the pictures are from today. The pups are healthy and getting more and more active. They'll be getting into trouble soon I imagine.

Happy little feet wriggling as they nurse. The pups' eyes opened at 15 days.

Female 2. Her nose is getting darker. She's a lot of fun.

The boy. He's still very nice and chill. Black nose now. Whereas his paws used to have a clear white sock, the color is blending in from the top of his leg now.

Female 1. Also fairly chill, and still larger.

Looks like female 1 and the male may have homes. Female 2 is still available.


  1. awesome! very cute

  2. They are growing into such beautiful inu cant wait to see what they look like in look like in a few weeks.

  3. Too cute!! It's kind of funny how their toe nails sort of glow in the pics, almost as if they were added Photoshopped in.

  4. You are a champion my friend ♪
    Female 1 looks have more Kishu no ?


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