Working Line Hokkaido Litter

I received an email a few days ago about a litter of working line Hokkaido pups. This line is from the only Hokkaido Ken Hozonkai kennel, Tokachi Morita Sou, that actually has a line of working dogs (as opposed to a single dog or pair that hunt). The sire and dam are out of this kennel, but are owned by another gentleman who hunts with them. They are proven bear dogs.

The sire.

The dam.

The pups.

They were born on the 1st of July, and there are still 2 females available. The females at Tokachi Morita Sou are getting older, so there are not many litters being produced there, and not many pups become available (besides the fact that the kennel is the most famous working Hokkaido kennel in the country).

This line has had great success working boar as well. I had the opportunity to see a female from this kennel working in the pen a few months back, and she did quite well.


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  2. Lovely looking Hokkaido and cute pups! I hope the girls go to great homes. I really want a B&T Hokkaido and one from working lines would be great, but not right now. In one or two years I'll be ready.

    I hope the two pups get great homes.


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