Canine Hip Dysplasia

As someone who is involved in picking pups for people overseas, looking for the best and healthiest lines to export, and trying to preserve rare dog breeds, health issues like HD are a nightmare. They're not tested for here, so it's often a shot in the dark as to what any given line/dog/pup will be carrying in their genes.

While I'll still be checking all the dogs I breed for whatever genetic issues I think may be issues in the Japanese breeds, this article was an interesting read. It definitely tweaked my perspective a bit regarding HD.

The most important thing for me in breeding dogs is quality of life for those animals, and their owners. If I can keep that as my focus, it will help me better judge what is most important at any given time, and about any given issue.

A young Shikoku male's hips.


  1. I don't find any comfort that there is a JPS surgery to prevent arthritis if done on a dog as a juvenile.

    It's like stomach tacking for breeds prone to bloat. It's become the norm in some breeds to do this at the same time as a spay/neuter.

    I find that extremely sad and disturbing that such unnatural measures have to take place in order for the dog to live a normal life.

    1. Very true. What I took from this article was that HD isn't quite a cut and dry issue as in, "Here's the problem, here's the solution." Somewhere in my head I knew that, but was leaning toward, "We'll just breed it out." Seeing that there's quite a possibility that it's always going to stick around, management as opposed to eradication would seem to be the goal. That would definitely change my perspective in how I manage future cases of HD.

  2. Thanks for sharing the info, very helpful! Can't say I would do both surgeries at the same time though. Nice to know about the differences in the testing procedures and how scores are weighed.

  3. I am a retired veterinarian. I recently submitted a applic. for a patent device that I am confident will prevent HD in most dogs when used as a brace for about 3 weeks on young puppies with hip joint laxity. I have not yet done the double blind study to absolutely confirm, but am very confident that it will work. Dr. B,


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