Registering a Litter: KKA

So, to register a litter with the Kai Ken Aigokai... This is one of those posts that I have had on my to do list for over a year.

First, you will need to be a registered KKA member. Membership is open to all nationalities and countries. It costs 5000 JPY per year, with a one time new member fee of 5000 JPY. To register litters you will also need to register your kennel with the KKA which costs 2000 JPY. All members receive a biannual magazine which has a few articles, and show results from either the spring or fall national show.

Now you can breed and register your Kai. The KKA only accepts KKA pedigrees, and does not accept registrations from other clubs. KKA pedigrees are not accepted by the Japan Kennel Club, but NIPPO will let you transfer dogs over, and will give the dog a limited registration.

A few things to remember.

1. Take a picture of the tie (mating)
2. Take a picture of the pups and mother at 20 days old
3. Take a picture of the pups and mother at 30 days old
4. Send in registration fees and paperwork before the pups are 4 months old

There are 2 forms to fill out. The first is a proof of breeding which has the name of the sire and dam, signatures of the owner of the sire and dam, and the above pictures. Of course everything needs to be written in Japanese.

Next is the pedigree form. You have to write out the entire pedigree by hand, in Japanese. Not fun if I may say so.

The back of the pedigree form must be filled out as well. All the information regarding the date of the mating and litter birth, number of pups, pup names/sex/color/tail type and owner names & addresses, and then again, the signatures of the owner of the dam, plus one more KKA member has to sign their name as a witness to the breeding. In the picture below you can see three red stamps. In Japan these are made by using custom made personal seals dipped in ink, and are used in lieu of signatures. All official paperwork requires an 'inkan' (registered personal seal) so I have mine which I used here, plus I made one for this kennel that I'm registering a litter for.

The above paperwork, along with copies of the dam and sire's pedigrees should be sent to the KKA headquarters at 5-6-20 Chuo, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi-ken, Japan TEL: 055-226-7563

You will also need to send payment via the post office. It costs 3000 JPY per pedigree, plus postage fees.

So there you have it. All of this is sent in, and if you've filled everything out correctly you should have your pedigrees sent to you in a few weeks.


  1. Again thanks!! The translation issue is a tough one. Question....Is there registration issue for litters that are conceived through A.I. in the U.S.?... Is that an option that KKA will allow?

    1. I discussed AI with the KKA a few years back. They have no specific rules barring it, but prefer natural breeding. NIPPO and HKH also have no rules barring it at the moment.


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