NIPPO All Kanto Show

Best in show (honbusho) today with Kotofusa Go at the NIPPO All Kanto Show! I'm thankful for the opportunity to show such a well bred dog, and thank you Mr.Nakano for taking the picture! We got off to a rough start in the morning, but with a bit of help from many people we were able to fine tune the afternoon session and get the win. Next week, the NIPPO National!

I did not take a single photo today. It was the nervous, sweat drenched, heart pounding, kind of day. Nidai Iwahori Sou produced and owns this beautiful Shikoku. The red hue in this line is terrific, and very rarely seen in aka and aka-goma Shikoku today. If you look at the famous dogs behind Koto, you can see where he gets his strong structure, color, and other traits.


  1. Congrats!

    Just found your blog today. Thank you for sharing, I will definitely be returning often to see what you and your pups are up to!



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