Teruhide x Sekihoume

Sire: Teruhide Go http://www.shikoku-pedigree.com/details.php?id=63337
Dam: Sekihoume Go http://www.shikoku-pedigree.com/details.php?id=63336

This breeding has been repeated 3 times now.

The first litter produced Kotofusa Go http://www.shikoku-pedigree.com/details.php?id=63338
He's taken BIS at many regionals, and placed 3rd, 2nd, and 5th, in consecutive years in his class at the NIPPO National. This year I will be showing him in the adult male ring.

The second litter produced 4 pups, all of which are showing extremely well in the ring, 1 male, and 3 females. The 3 females are all owned by members of the NIPPO Chiba branch, so we are generally always competing against each other in the ring. One of the females is Chacha Go http://www.shikoku-pedigree.com/details.php?id=63467 I showed her to 5th place in class at the national last year. Her sister took 1st place.

Due to the quality in the previous litters, Nidai Iwahori Sou decided to go for a third mating of the same dogs. It looks like we will not be disappointed.

Here they are at 20 days old. Kuro-goma female, goma male, goma female.


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