Flying With Your Dog? Think Twice

There been a lot in the news recently about dogs getting injured, or dying while in the care of airline companies. Fortunately I have not yet had a single problem with the dogs I've shipped over the past several years, and I arrange shipping for over 50 dogs a year.

This year a Chihuahua died in Japan while being flown on a domestic flight which prompted Japanese airlines to stop accepting dogs during the summer months. I was contacted here on the blog recently by a lady who's dog nearly died while being transported via PetSafe (which I use regularly), and more dog owners are coming forward with stories of how their dogs were treated by airline companies

There's definitely a risk to your dog the moment you place it in the care of another individual, and many of the horror stories I've read over the past few days could have happened at any airline or airport. It's something to be aware of if you plan to ship a dog, or have one shipped to you.