Hunting Season 2013: Day 14

Had a few hours in the afternoon, so ran out to the mountains with Baron. It was a very dry, windy day. 15 minutes in Baron slipped below me to the left and let out a few low barks. I glanced over the edge, and there was a medium sized boar on the slope less than 10 meters below me.

After missing the large boar 2 days earlier, I took my time lining up this shot perfectly, and pulled the trigger. Clink. I had forgotten to load the barrel. I swear the boar looked up at me and laughed as it sauntered off, Baron in tow. Yeah. That was a first.

Baron moved with the boar, and in the gully around 150 meters away, they stopped, and he bayed. I spent the next 5 minutes getting close, and then descended into the gully. Baron came to get me, and I followed him forward. He moved into some thick underbrush on the right, and started barking again. The boar were in there.

Without pushing the boar out, I tried to get a look at them. At one point in the video you can see the boar moving through a spot between some undergrowth. I'll give a prize to the first person that finds it. As I try to move closer and pinpoint the boar, they figure out it's time to run, and I begin to hear them moving through the underbrush. I follow them with my shotgun, and see glimpses of them, but nothing clear enough for a shot. Baron gives chase, but they just lead him on a long distance run that I can't keep up with.

Sorry, Baron. Another fail on my part. 7 boar on 14 outings.


  1. Julien, you're very close, but the thing you see at 2:09 is a leaf flying across (I think).


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