Visiting Yamabiko Kennel (1)

I visited my friends at Yamabiko a few weeks ago to see the litter produced by Kotofusa and their black and tan female. They have been NIPPO members for many years, breeding and showing Shiba, Kishu, and Shikoku. They are an older couple, now with only two Shikoku, but a wealth of experiences and knowledge. They love hunting with their dogs as well! I got to chat with them for a few hours, and see their large collection of pictures.

I'm putting up the Shikoku pictures here.
All rights for these pictures belong to Yamabiko. Please do not copy or use them without their permission.


  1. These are nifty looking! I much prefer their appearance to that of the modern ones. I particularly like pictures 5, 6, and 9.

  2. thank you great photo's

  3. Thank you for these photos, I love to see old pictures specially of shikokus. To my eye, they looked way better back then...

    1. Actually, if one goes through the old books of NIPPO show winners, the Shikoku is the breed that has least changed through the years. You can pick a nice Shikoku from the early days of NIPPO and transplant it to today's ring, and probably still do well. The same cannot be said for many of the other Nihon Ken, especially the Shiba and Akita.

    2. Agreed, they haven't changed much. The colors have been refined since, and they were a bit leaner then. But #8 reminds me so much of Kiyoshi! :)


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