Halo Microchip Scanner

Since I do the paperwork and transport for a lot of dogs going overseas, I'm always worried that one day I will take a dog to the airport, only to discover that the microchip cannot be read (or is missing!). I've heard that sometimes chips do break, or come back out after implantation. Of course sometimes they just move around a bit.

Anyway, easy solution: get a scanner. I had always imagined scanners to be rather pricey, and when I looked for them in the past, I was not disappointed. So, it was with weary fingers that I started searching for a cheap scanner last week. This was brought on by the fact that I had two Kishu boys at my house, Sho and Tetsu, that were practically identical to each other, and I was worried that on the day of transport I might take the wrong one to the airport, haha.

Well, I found this, the Halo Microchip Scanner

It's not a big fancy scanner, but so far it's working terrifically, and I found it with shipping for around 10,000 JPY. It also has an online database for missing dogs, so if you update the scanner online, when a missing dog is scanned, it will come up on the reader. Pretty nifty stuff. For me, this little gadget is working out very nicely.


  1. Haha so you'r sure that we have Tetsu right? Just kidding.

  2. Where did you buy this? I might consider buying one myself if they're that cheap.

  3. Also guys you can consider this product and its accessories buying from www.microidglobal.com I bought mine and also halo microchip scanner case from them.


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