It's a Beautiful Day

Spring's just around the corner, the sun's back, and this morning I enjoyed a lazy hour with the pups, just playing around outside.

There's Su-chan, a Kai pup going to France, a Kishu pup named Sho, and an Akita pup named Mu-chan. I'm still contemplating where to send the latter two. Sho's still shuts down quite often when outside the house, but surprisingly he may be able to be shown. He's so much more comfortable with dogs than with people, that at shows, as long as he's with the other dogs, he's quite happy. He's an extremely promising pup, as in I've never seen a Kishu pup as nice as him and his brother (his brother is at the kennel that produced this litter). They've got the best coats I've seen in the breed so far, really nice strong builds, great eyes, and a balanced head. I'm quite tempted to keep him myself as he's really stunning, but what will I do with another Kishu male?

Mu-chan is another promising pup. So many people have asked for a nice red Akita female, that when one became available, I had her kennel send her to me. She's got a nice temperament, and a really sweet and energetic nature. I'll keep her here for now.


  1. Is the Kai female or male? And is it from KKA kennel or?


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