JKC Registrations 2013

So the total registration numbers in 2013 for the Japan Kennel Club are in.

Topping the list at number 1 is the poodle, with 87,438 dogs. Number 2 is the Chihuahua at 58,954. Number 3 is the Dachshund at 33,183. Scroll down to number 6 and you find the Shiba!

6. Shiba 12,725
42. Akita 290
54. Kai 162
82. Hokkaido 41
91. Kishu 21
102. Shikoku 12

Of course these are not the total registration numbers for any of these breeds, since the majority are registered with their specific breed registries (NIPPO, KKA, HKH, HKK, AKIHO) and not with the JKC.


  1. Shikoku only 12 ?! poor shikoku :(

  2. Perhaps only 12 Shikoku exported? If most Shikoku stay within NIPPO, the only occasion to also get a JKC registration is for people who need them for export.

  3. @Ayk is correct. Pretty much the only reason to register a Shikoku with the JKC is if it's being exported.


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