Asia Pacific FCI Tokyo Dog Show 2014

I do attend JKC shows every once in a while. It's a great chance to see other breeds, as well as see what's cooking among the Nihon Ken JKC fanciers. This year I ran into some friends showing their Akita, and I was able to cheer on some friends who had brought their Japanese Terriers all the way from Europe for this show.

One of the aspects of the show that I was quite happy to see was a free class for novice handlers (I'm in that category).

Halfway through the show a cookie monster showed up and ate all the dogs, leaving fur and screaming owners in its wake.
Here are the terriers. They took 1st place male/female for the breed.

And the group 3 bitches... watch for the terrier.
 And here they are after the show. They do quite well off leash.