More Yushoku Kishu Pictures

Female 1

 Female 2

 The male


  1. I've been told I'll have to sleep in the car if I bring home two Kishu instead of one this spring... but these pups are so tempting! I like how dark #1 is... but I think #2 looks the best (I say, like I'm shopping for puppies)...

    I think I can live out of the Jeep for a while...

    1. I was originally leaning toward #2, but the dark coloration of #1 really caught my eye. In the end, I picked her because I like to go with my gut feeling. I think #1 is more feminine, and has a stronger face/eyes.
      She's here at my house now, and she's the sweetest little thing, with a terrific temperament. But.... she's a loud one!

    2. Aww, are you keeping #1? Are any of the pups still available?

    3. I'm thinking about #1. I think she may have what it takes to be a hunting dog. And yes, at the moment all 3 pups are available.


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