Wandering Paris

Just over a week ago I flew to Paris to deliver a Kai pup. She's a very nice little girl, and went to live with her new family. They already own a Kai male, so hopefully he can show her the ropes, and she'll settle in well. 

This was again, a very short trip. I always wish I could stay overseas longer, but the dogs and work are waiting for me at home.

I had some time to wander around Paris, and tried to capture some of the magic of the city.


  1. Su-chan is adapting really fast ! :) As you said to me, she is a smart girl ! (She adapt better than we were thinking to food too !)
    Hayao show her how it goes. He play, he get angry and is patient with her !

    Really, thank you !

    1. So happy to hear that, Claire. I should have her pedigree here in a few more days.


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