Baron x Hime Pups Update

All three pups look to be doing very well in their new homes. These pups are a really interesting mix of the two breeds. About the only thing I see that ties them all together is the big ears. That comes from Baron obviously.

Here's Kenzo a few months back. And from his owners...
Top 10 funny observations of Kenzo so far:

1. A destroyer of all toys and none toys. (including toys labeled non-destructible)
2. Loves his family but takes time to establish friendships with others.
3. Is a very picky eater,unless it is people food. (which we don't give him)
4. Loves to wrestle dad, and plays very hard with other dogs.
5. Loves to mouth hands and arms.
6. Went through a stage of humping everything, but that's finally over
7. If allowed will chase anything and is fearless.
8. Very smart, for example: neighbors pitbull puppy is at the fence. Kenzo lures the puppy to the only board that is loose on the fence line. When the puppy is at the board he hits it with his paw and the board hits the puppy in the face. He will repeat this over and over and appears to get enjoyment over his trickery.)
9. Hates his nails being clipped.
10. Prefers to sleep on the hard brick fireplace to his soft cushy bed.

Here's Summer. Apparently everyone loves her. She's calm and reserved inside, likes to lounge about and look out the window, but she's quite inquisitive and energetic outside. Sounds just like Baron. She'll be going to hunting camp soon.

And here's Momo. I hear she's doing great as well, and is still as vocal as ever. Apparently she's great off leash.

I'm so happy that all these pups went to such great homes. I hope I can find homes like these for my current litter of Shikoku pups.


  1. Great to see pics of the girls! Thanks :)

  2. Love the pics! I'm glad owners have updated you on how they have grown up. :)


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