Kishu Ken: Sho

I posted about this litter of Kishu a few times. There were 4 males and a female, and since the NIPPO kennel who produced the litter are friends of mine, they asked me to help find homes for the boys. Anyway, they are all homed, but I've kept one of the boys here, and his name is Sho. The thing that really impressed me about this litter was their coats. I've never seen such thick undercoats in a Kishu before. The litter was nice and thick boned as well, with some nice masculine heads.

I'm really not 100% decided on having a Kishu program here at my kennel, but I would like to preserve the hunting lines that are in Baron's pedigree. Baron's conformation leaves a bit to be desired, and Sho has the traits necessary to produce a better show dog. But, his brother is still nearby, so I could use him for stud instead. Anyway, Sho has some fear issues that I've been working through for a few months now. He's still not all the way there, but we've made a lot of progress. Hopefully I can get him to where he can be shown.

At the moment he's shedding his coat, and he's also hit that lanky adolescent phase. I'm not sure yet if I'll be keeping him here, but here he is.