Kunitaka x Bishoume

DOB: 2014/05/19 00:30am
Sire: Kunitaka Go http://www.shikoku-pedigree.com/details.php?id=63579
Dam: Bishoume Go  http://www.shikoku-pedigree.com/details.php?id=63352

Round 2 of the Shikoku puppy fest begins. Bisho was due on the 20th by my calculations, and just like her mother Hime, she ate all her food, and then promptly went into labor. Just have to laugh at these two females and their love of food. No sign of anything strange, and then they start giving birth. Bisho was out in her kennel, and I was crawling into bed when I heard her scratching the floor. Puppy time. Got outside and cleaned up some stuff, glanced over, and puppy number 1 was popping out.

Last time Bisho had pups, she was so quiet I didn't even find out till the next morning. Everything was tidy and the pups were nursing. Watching her, she's not quite as fast as Hime with breaking sacs, so I ripped it for her. Puppy 1 looks to be a red sesame female. Puppy 2 came shortly thereafter, a red sesame looking male.

After pup 2, Bisho was a bit uncomfortable, with sporadic contractions. It was the middle of the night, and chilly, so while she was distracted I stole the pups and popped them against my stomach under my jacket. Things were slowing down, and with her constantly getting up and moving around the pups were getting chilled. She'd notice they were gone every now and again, and paw at me. I'd give them back, and then steal them again when she wasn't looking. Finally after around an hour, pup 3 came out.

I could immediately tell it was not alright. It was smaller than the others, looked like it was not fully formed yet, and not moving. After we got him out of the sac Bisho gave him a good licking over, and I took him for a bit and tried to see if we could get his engine started, but nothing doing. I thought it best to leave him be. Bisho settled with him nestled up to her, which distracted her from the fact that puppies 1 & 2 were still under my jacket.

Pup 4 came a little while later, a red looking female. She wasn't moving either, but she was large and looked fine. Bisho was giving her a good licking, but no movement, and I was not interested in losing 2 pups in one night. I borrowed the pup for a second, cleared out some mucous around its mouth, took it in my hand and gave it a little swing and rub. Pup snorted out the rest of the fluid and came to life. Happy times.

I stayed with Bisho for another 30minutes, but she was calmed and laying with the puppies. They all started nursing, so I cleaned up and headed to bed. Come the morning and the pups and mom look to be doing great. Things are going to get crazy around here in around a month... 7 mobile Shikoku puppies.

This breeding is extremely similar to Koto x Hime, since Koto and Taka are from the same parents but a different litter, and Hime is Bisho's mother. I was hoping for a nice male to keep from the Koto x Hime litter, but it looks like the females are nicer in that litter. I was hoping for a female from Taka x Bisho. Time will tell.

Bisho is a level or two better than her mother in show quality. When Yano-san sent her to me he told me she had a first class head/face, and that has proven to be true. Structure is alright, but like her mother Hime, topline and movement leave something to be desired, and their coats could  be more vibrant. Length and thickness is good though. I quite like Bisho.
Taka is the only true 'aka' Shikoku I have ever seen. He's got an extremely rich red coat, and a freakishly athletic build. Koto has the thicker build though, and Taka's face has been described as too beautiful for a male Shikoku. I'm hoping to get the structure, size, and color from Taka, and the plush coat, and beautiful face from Bisho.