Somehow I ended up owning not 1 Akita, but 2, and becoming an AKIHO member. January next year should be fun... I'll have to pay for AKIHO, JKC, NIPPO, KKA, and HKH membership. Someone warned me once upon a time that if you're not careful, you'll end up overrun with dogs. With all the 7 Shikoku pups, and 2 temporary pups, I'm sitting at 18 dogs tonight. If you wonder why I'm not jumping to respond to your mails and messages, it's because I'm busy.


  1. Someone else will be raising the Akitas for you? Or will we be seeing an attempt at boar hunting Akitas? :-)

    1. I almost took the older Akita pup to see some boar the other day. Theoretically these two girls will not always be here at my house, but we'll see how that goes.


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