Kotofusa x Tochimitsuhime: 33 days

Just snapped a few pictures while my niece was playing with the pups.

 Godzilla being held
 Godzilla seems to be the most photogenic of the bunch.
 Little boy saying hi to mom.
 This quickly turned to...
 And then Godzilla got in on the nap action.
 But the little red female is always getting into trouble. She was always crawling out of the nest as a pup, and somehow she's found a way out of the puppy area. I don't know how she's getting out.
 Little miss naughty herself.

And you may have noticed that these are not iPhone pictures. Yes, my Nikon has been resurrected with a new lens. I won't be taking it to the mountains with me anymore, I promise. It only took me 3 or 4 years to get around to fixing it this time.


  1. Ah! Just died of cuteness overload!!!

  2. You aren't doing anything with your camera settings are you? Their red looks very rich. Almost saturated, but then I know that's a quality Kotofusa has.


    1. No post processing. These pups really have a lot of hue in their coats, and Hime's the reddest she's ever been.


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