Kunitaka x Bishoume: 35 Days

Sesame Female

 Red Female

Sesame Male

Not sure how they'll turn out. They're still nice, but there's a few quirks in my opinion. Final judgement will be passed in around 2 weeks.


  1. Hi Kato,
    What is the quirks? they look perfect to me..
    I dropped you an email about Inu Shiba, if you had some time to check and reply that would be appreciated

  2. Quirks like position and shape of the ears, size of the eyes, lines of the face and muzzle. Just tiny things that if even slightly off will make all the difference in the show ring. They make the difference between an amazing dog, and a better than average dog.
    It's still early to tell, and since pups grow so fast, things go out of proportion for a few days and then settle again. Around 50-60 days is usually the best time to judge a Shikoku pup.


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