Eye Gunk

So after the Koto x Hime litter got their first round of multi vaccinations on the 4th of July, next morning this is happening to Koma's eye. I had some anti biotic eye drops around from treating another dog earlier in the ear, so popped that in once a day for 2 days, and it seemed to clear up. Then, it came back with a vengeance, so off to the vet.

The discharge would cake his entire eye and get all crusty in the morning, and he had a lot of discharge out of his nose as well as you can see in the picture. At the vet we did all manner of checks and tests, there was no eyelashes hitting the eye, no damage to the eye, but their was an infection, and the tear ducts were clogged.

We switched anti biotics, added a steroid drop, and after days on this the condition was just getting worse. We went for another check, and still nothing. I added an oral anti biotic to the mix, and after a few days the infection was under control. His eyes are still watery, I think the ducts are still clogged, and there's still a bit of redness, but nothing like the massive amounts of gunk that were pouring out of his eyes and nose. I'd clean his eyes and 5 minutes later they'd be full again.