NIPPO Show Holland 2014

I had a few dogs that needed to be transported to Europe, so arranged my trip to coincide with the NIPPO Show Holland 2014. I helped translate for the NIPPO judge, and assisted in the ring. The show was held in mostly NIPPO style, with a few twists. The weather could have been better, but at least it did not pour rain (just cold with drizzle here and there). With around 100 dogs (I think that's how many it was!) going through 1 ring, Mr.Iwasa and I were extremely busy. I wish we had been able to spend more time evaluating each dog. Maybe next time NIPPO will send 2 judges.

The BIS judging

The Shikoku female that took BIS. She was a very nice dog and deserved the win.

Evaluating some Shiba.

Checking the teeth of that many dogs was a bit of a nightmare. At least all you can see is my underwear.
There's a lot more I could add to this post about all the friends I was able to meet up with at the show, and getting to see so many dogs that I've had a hand in sending to Europe. But, I'm busy, busy, busy, at the moment (hence the huge break between my last blog post and this). Suffice it to say, after I got back home I looked at the picture of the 6 dogs lined up competing for BIS that had been posted to FB, and I felt really proud. I realized I had a hand in 3 of those dogs being in Europe. So as to keep everything impartial, I had not told the judge about any of the dogs that I had sent to Europe that were at the show. He did not know the names of the dogs, or where they had come from. Anyway, things like this (and of course happy dogs and owners) are what make exporting dogs worth it.


  1. Amazing. <3 We so wanted to be there, but still had guests in Finland for their World Dog Show trips. You really have helped to bring some amazing dogs over, and it's only strengthening the different breeds here. Super, super stuff!

    1. Thanks @Lansku. I ran into a lot of people at the show who knew me from the blog or FB. It was a pleasant experience even if a bit odd at times to run into someone who knows everything about you, when you know nothing about them haha.


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