The Kai Ken Aigokai

Founded in 1931, the Kai Ken Aigokai (Kai Dog Protection Society) has always been the premier registry for the Kai Ken. In the early days of the breed, there was collaboration with NIPPO, and Kai were shown at NIPPO shows, with some placing very well. However the split came when NIPPO set the standards for the Japanese breeds, with a standard for the large breeds (Akita), the medium breeds (Shikoku, Kishu, Kai, Hokkaido, Koshi no Inu), and the small breeds (Shiba).

The size for the medium breeds was set at 52cm for males, 49cm for females. The Kai had traditionally been smaller than the other medium sized breeds, with specimens varying in size, and the KKA standard accepts sizes between 40-50cm. There were also disagreements regarding tongue spotting, urajiro, and other details in the standard, which lead to what we have today: Kai are primarily registered with and shown in the KKA, with few to none in NIPPO and JKC shows. NIPPO has taken steps in recent years to accept smaller Kai, and more tongue spotting.

The KKA no longer maintains a website, but it's offices are located at:
6-20 Chuou, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi-ken, Japan 400-0032
TEL: 055-226-7563

The KKA holds two shows a year, with no regional shows. The first is held in spring on the first Sunday of April, and the second held the last Sunday of November.

The KKA issues pedigrees which are recognized by NIPPO (limited registration however), but not recognized by the JKC. This means that most Kai pups cannot receive Japan Kennel Club export pedigrees (FCI).