Learning About Shiba

So I'm trying to get as well rounded as possible in my knowledge of the Nihon Ken. That's why I've got two Akita here at my house, and why I've been making an effort to learn more about the Shiba as well. I was always vehemently opposed to owning a Shiba, but after having a lot of Hokkaido come through, I'm starting to think the Shiba aren't so bad haha! The Akita and Shiba, two breeds I'm not that into, but I think I might be open to owning the RIGHT Shiba.

So here's some pictures I took at a kennel I visited the other day.

And some of the other breeding stock. Each dog is kept for a reason, bringing some trait or bloodline to breeding.


  1. Lovely Shibas!

    Hope you find the "right" Shiba. Once you do, you will never look back!

    Yes, they can be little shits, but they are also wonderful, loyal friends.

  2. Beautiful dogs!

    My shiba is a breeze compared to my Shikoku. I'm sure you will find one that clicks with you!

  3. Haha! What was it that made you so opposed to Shibas in the first place?

    Also, I see that cream there.. Do they breed creams in Japan? I thought that was a big universal no-no.

    1. I don't like their snarkiness, their drama queen antics, and their vocalizations.

      Regarding creams, they do breed creams here on occasion, but for this the dog must be exceptional, and breeding is not done to produce more creams. Cream pups are generally culled from breeding programs.


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