NIPPO Tokyo Regional Autumn 2014

Couldn't enter any dogs since I had work first thing in the morning, but I made it to the show by 10:30. The Tokyo show has traditionally been held at Meiji park, but after decades of use we lost the use of that venue. The new location in Ariake is terrific though!

The Chiba branch cleaned up today! Chugata Soken Females 1st place and Honbusho to Meme Go, Chugata Waka1 Females 2nd place to Mumu Go, Chugata Soken males 1st place to Deresuke Go (haha I'm not sure what his registered name is), and Chugata Seiken 1st place and Honbusho to Shoji-san's Shikoku make. To round it off Kogata Souken Males 1st place and Honbusho to Mr.Watanabe's Akikaze Go.

Methinks a party is in order.