Ooyama Senmaida

The tiered Ooyama Senmaida rice fields in Kamogawa are lit up during the winter. I caught the 5 o'clock chimes just as the sun set, the moon rose, and the fields were illuminated.
It had been a long day, and it feels like it's been autumn for 2 years now. Winter is coming.


 “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”
Anne Frank


  1. Hello! I love these photos :) I want to visit Ooyama Senmaida when I visit Japan later this year but I'm struggling to get the maps to recognise the name/site. Do you have a maps location for where is best to see the lights/lanterns over the area please? (We will be driving so have the flexibility of a car)

    1. http://www.city.kamogawa.lg.jp/English/Tourism/HistoryandCulturalAssets/NaturalLandmarks/1414335530378.html

      It's only lit up toward the end of the year (after rice harvest in September)

    2. That's great, thanks! We will be there in November, already looking forward to it :)


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