The Shikoku Database - we need some help

So thanks to my friend Nico over at Kasatori Sou has been up for a while now, and as of today there are 500 dogs registered. This database will be very important for the breed's preservation, deciding which breedings to do, and tracking genetic issues.

I have a database that was passed on to me by a good friend and NIPPO member. It contains decades of pedigrees, and over 10,000 entries. The data is a bit jumbled, so I'll have to organize it, but I promised him I would carry on his legacy and record as many Shikoku pedigrees as possible.

Nico and I are working on a Japanese side of so that entries can be made in Japanese (but added to the same database). My goal is to make the database available for NIPPO members here in Japan to use.

Nico and I are volunteering our time to get the framework up and running, but we need some help. First, we'll need someone with some skill in coding. The Shikoku DB is based off of this site . If you look at this dog's pedigree, above the generational pedigree table there is a button 'pedigree analysis' you can click to show COI

I very much want to add this functionality to the Shikoku database, and we need some help doing it! Any ideas or volunteers?

The second step of the process we'll need help with is manually entering all the data I have. With so many entries it will take me years to find enough time to enter all the dogs. I just pulled out one page with 250 entries, and all the dogs in it were older than me. I'll need people with some time and willingness to tackle portions of the data, uploading it to the site. Nico will be working on the Japanese side in February, so we'll need help with entering the data once the site is ready.

Feel free to comment here with any ideas, suggestions etc, or hit me up on FB or via email at


  1. Don't bother manually entering the data, if you can organize it in a CSV file we could easily write a PHP script to inject the data in the DB.

    Also, as I've told you before, I'm happy to help with the COI calculation code.

    1. Thanks, Brad. I didn't want to add to your already busy work load. I'll message you later about this.

    2. Same idea of mine mr Brad Anderson about script for auto data entries in db :)

    3. You may even be able to just use Yahoo Pipes and a CSV file to do all the work for you! :)

  2. If there's any English data that can be read/entered, let me know! Would love to volunteer.

  3. Charlotte (Naoki Ikko and Sachi)January 23, 2015 at 4:57 AM

    Web development is not in my skill coding language. But I can help you to create and organize the csv file if you want

  4. Csv with kanji for european os seems doesn't work correctly but MySQL db need UTF8 collation that's base for encode of kanji in web pages. So I've to create an xml file compatible with db tables and the imports by db is automatic :)


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