Chacha's Hips

I had her hips checked during a routine check up at the vet I usually go to, and her hips did not look good. But, since these are all done without sedation, I had one more round done the other day at another vet I use. Different vet, hips look better in the pictures than last time, but still not good.

Bleh, Chacha's a beautiful female with the best temperament I've ever seen in a Shikoku female. She's great with other dogs, never gets snarky, has a lot of energy, and is quite friendly with people as well.


  1. Please may I know how do you tell that the hips don't look good?

    1. We did an Ortolani test which was positive (google it), and if you want more information about canine hips, take a look here

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  3. Was the third x-ray taken after the Ortolani test?

  4. Also, when was her last heat?


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