Momo: Baron x Hime

So this is Momo out of the Baron x Hime litter.

Momo is sitting at 40lbs and doesn’t appear to have the same issue as her siblings in regards to keeping weight on.  She has a pretty good appetite that hasn’t changed since we got her.  Momo has generally been healthy and we haven’t run into an issues that require a visit to the vet other than her yearly checkup.  Personality wise she is still very curious about everything, we’ve found that this makes her easily excitable.  Momo is still pretty sticky but because she is a lot of faster now added with her curiosity we don’t let her off the leash as much.

As Momo has gotten older we noticed that she seems to have lost all sense of personal boundaries with us for example whenever we sit on the floor she likes to sit right behind and will purposely scoot back so that she is back to back with us or she will crawl under our floor dining table so that she can put her head on our lap.  In terms of meeting new people Momo has gotten a little more cautious but can be easily won over with treats.  Momo has also recently graduated from staying a pen to free roaming the house when we are at work.   

It's good to see all the pups are doing well in good homes.


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