MyDogDNA: Koyuki

So Koyuki is the Shikoku I ordered a DNA kit for from MyDogDNA. She's obviously got some nervous system disorder going on, and I was hoping it would be an easy diagnosis of gangliosidosis. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way
I'm not sure if that profile is visible to the general public, but it doesn't matter because the test told me absolutely nothing of worth. Anyway, back to square 1.


  1. The profile does ask for a login, so no details.

    It's unfortunate, but I'm not surprised nothing was found. The disease indicators appear to be breed specific. Are there any researchers interested in identifying the disease? I've been following what I can on the forum, and nothing was ever conclusive in the US dogs. Was there ever any attempt to contact Dr. Osamu Yamato at the Hokkaido University in Sapporo, whose team identified the Shiba disease?

    1. Dr.Yamato was also part of the study that found CEA in the Hokkaido, so we have been in communication with him about that. I'll probably be discussing this Shikoku issue with some of the researchers here in Japan to see who is willing to take on the project.


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